How can I get COINRUN wallet?

Sign up on our website just by using your email: you will be provided with both personal COINRUN wallet as well as the ability to make instant money transfers around the world or take part in investment games.

How can I replenish my COINRUN wallet?

Choose a payment system and enter the replenishment amount either on the balance replenishment page or in the «Fast balance replenishment» field on the main page of your account. Confirm the transaction by switching to payment.

Your COINRUN wallet will be successfully replenished and the transaction will be saved in the transaction history immediately after payment.

How can I transfer money from the balance?

Choose a payment system, enter both the amount to be transferred as well as the recipient’s account number on the «Transfer» page of your wallet. Check the transfer fee and confirm the transaction by clicking on «Send» button.

The money transfer will be completed and saved in the transaction history.

When will the recipient get the money transfer?

All money transfers between COINRUN users or to external payment systems occur instantly. We will immediately send the money to the recipient once you transferred funds.

Some transfers may have «pending» status for technical reasons. But don’t worry, in this case we will resolve the issue and your operation will be completed soon.

What payment systems are available for transactions?

Currently, you are entitled to replenish your COINRUN wallet balance, transfer money or participate in investment games while using Perfect Money and Payeer payment systems. We are going to regularly update the available external payment systems list. Besides we’ll add cryptocurrency payments.

Platform’s fee for monetary operations.

All operations between COINRUN users are made fee-free way. You pay the lowest fee for money transfers to external payment systems’ e-wallet as well as a small amount for entering an investment game.

How to take part in an investment game?

All COINRUN wallet holders are allowed to participate in high-yield investment games, provided by the platform. Just replenish your wallet, choose a game in «Active» section and invest. You will continue to make a profit according to the game terms until its completion.

How to choose a highly profitable program?

Switch to COINRUN entertainment service investment games. Choose a game from the available programs list and look through the detailed information in the «Active» section. Be sure to pay a special attention to the game profitability, investment duration, limits, system’s fee, the referral bonus and the invested funds statistics.

How to invest in the game?

Click on the «Invest» button in any game field of entertainment service.

Choose a payment system (or enter a payment method from your account’s internal balance) and enter the investment amount. Switch to payment, having previously looked through the fee and investment plan terms.

The investment will be created successfully and the transaction will be saved in the transaction history immediately after making payment. You have a chance to track the current status of your investments on «My investments» page.

When will I get a profit from my investment?

The profit will be credited to your COINRUN wallet balance within the individual terms, specified while making an investment. Track gambling profit accrual transactions in your transaction history.

How may I recover an access to my COINRUN wallet?

Switch to access recovery form by clicking on «Forgot password?» button on the authorization page. Then continue by entering your email address, associated with your COINRUN wallet. Wait for the incoming message to your email and then follow the instructions.

How may I change my password?

Switch to «Password change» section on the account settings page. Enter a new secure password to log into the wallet, repeat it in the field provided below and save the changes once ticked the confirmation box for changing the password.

How may I earn money while participating in COINRUN affiliate program?

Just involve your friends to COINRUN entertainment services and get a decent income from the entire referrals chain up to 3d level. We instantly pay out affiliate fee for each investment, opened by referral in any of highly profitable games within our entertainment service.

My personal referral link for friends involving.

Your personal affiliate link is displayed in «My Partners» section of COINRUN investment game service and contains a unique partner’s identificatory, which we will use to accurately identify your referral at his first visiting of our website.

Your referral will be able to see your identifier in the «You are invited» field when registering a wallet.

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