COINRUN payment system release


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Technical tests and preparatory work for the platform launch have been completed successfully. Currently we are going to introduce COINRUN international payment system release version!

We are glad to provide you with a convenient multi-currency wallet, equipped with the powerful features: instant and secure money transfers around the world, unlimited transactions, interest-free financial transactions between users within the system and low fees for transfers to external payment systems.

COINRUN provides both your assets safe storage and the fastest funds transfer between the continents as well as a highly profitable entertainment service with exciting investment games within the platform: earn real money just by participating in games or involve new players’ deposits!

Create your personal COINRUN wallet right now while using just e-mail and get an access to unlimited money transfers all over the world and the full investment games catalog of COINRUN entertainment service immediately!


Instant money transfers to users around the world.

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Investment games

Highly profitable financial games which imply payouts in full.

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