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The current User Agreement, while being an agreement between COINRUN payment system (hereinafter – «COINRUN», «payment system», «platform») and the User, establishes COINRUN platform use rules (domain name; including subdomains), its active internal services, as well as other commercial products under «COINRUN» brand name, and has full legal force in the disputes settlement between the parties in a judicial or pre-trial procedure.


By signing up on the website, the user confirms that he has read the full text of the current User Agreement while expressing his voluntary irrevocable consent with the platform rules and regulations for an unlimited time period. The current rules and regulations denial is the reason for the immediate user web session termination on the website, the refusal to continue visiting COINRUN website, as well as its electronic payments, investment and entertainment tools and other commercial services use.

The user confirms that he is an independent full aged person, is not dependent on or under the third parties’ social care, does not suffer from mental illness and mental deviations from the objective norm. The user has got sufficient both competence and knowledge in the economics, finance, electronic payments, cryptocurrency technologies, IT, high-yield pseudo-investments fields while being able to confidently apply knowledge in practice.


COINRUN warns about the cryptocurrency financial transactions and participation risks in the platform’s investment and entertainment services. COINRUN is not responsible for the funds loss and does not guarantee financial income or winnings. However, it is going to ensure the highest COINRUN user and employees funds, personal data, business reputation security and protection within the company’s capabilities.

The user is warned about the technical impracticability of certain cryptocurrency and financial transactions-related refund policy.


COINRUN provides certain active measures list to identify and prevent unlawful actions against the website platform or individual users, involving each incident investigation initiation while using fair sanctions against the attacker within the heads’ administrative authority in order to avoid the payment system’s internal services and commercial products shadowy use.


COINRUN collects, processes and stores its users’ personal data in accordance with high standards in each customer’s personal data and confidentiality protection field. The personal data collection and processing is required to ensure the high-quality performance of the system’s technical functions, while being a rational need when the user repeatedly visits the website, strictly required to fully use payment and highly profitable platform tools, as well as to improve the company’s service and customer service as well.

Confidential data protection includes the personal data collection, systematization, storage, updating, use, depersonalization and destruction.

The personal data concept means the one being personally transferred by the user when visiting the website or using the platform more widely, users’ technical data, collected implicitly while using program methods and other data, which help us to grow and better be aware of our audience. The personally transferred data include the one, provided by the user while signing up on the website, entering financial details and other payment data, contacting customer support service via online chat, e-mail or by any other communication means, including a personal conversation with a company representative and other things. Technical data may include user IP addresses, equipment and computer devices used, software, user preferences, browser, cookie, location, etc.


COINRUN is entitled to objectively resolve the conflicts and disputes, related to the platform use, the correct rules interpretation, as well as other actions which caused the damage according to the injured party’s assumption. Electronic users’ requests are subject to consideration within 30 working days with the opportunity of extending the request consideration period after additional customer notification.


The current User Agreement terms and conditions updating is accompanied by the immediate current User Agreement text version publication in open access on the platform website. The user complies with own obligations to independently monitor the User Agreement rules change and to timely being aware of the document text content.


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